Introducing 3Ds Max: 3D for Beginners

Video game and feature-film artists have used 3ds Max to create Halo 2, King Kong, Myst V, and more. Now you can harness this popular animation software with the clear, step-by-step instruction in this easy-to-follow guide.
Introducing 3ds Max 9: 3D for Beginners breaks down the complexities of 3D modeling, texturing, animating, and visual effects. You'll jump right into the pipeline—from preproduction to production to postproduction—with clear-cut explanations, tutorials, and hands-on projects to build your skills. A special color insert includes real-world examples from talented 3ds Max beginners. From immediately creating your first animation to tackling poly modeling, rendering, and particles, you'll get a solid grounding in 3ds Max 9.
  • Build the knowledge you need for game, film, and TV production
  • Master modeling—from simple and complex polygon mechanical models to organic character modeling
  • Assign textures effects and UV texture mapping
  • Create walk cycles and simple character animations with Character Studio
  • Explore lighting, rendering, and raytracing concepts
  • Render through mental ray and raytracing
  • Discover simple rigid body dynamics and Max's particle systems

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